Campus Friendships

Central Michigan University is home to many different friendships, as you can see in the photos below. After walking around campus and taking the time to speak with these pairs, we can tell that many students value the friendships they have made here at CMU.


Northside Market Student Manager

Check out my audio story where I interview junior Daryl Wallace, a Team Leader for Northside Market located in Robinson Residence Hall. He is from Detroit, MI and studies communications. He loves his job because he can establish relationships with peers and coworkers while learning more about a diverse group of people.



As a first time blogger, I was a little nervous to set up this account for my Journalism class. From messing around with the theme and pictures in my blog to writing my first blog post, I’ve concluded that this is a lot more fun than I thought it would be!

College can be a whirlwind for some students and a piece of cake for others. I could not have picked a better school to go to other than Central Michigan University. I chose CMU because, as cliche as it sounds, I was welcomed the moment I stepped on campus. Between classmates, professors and coworkers, I feel like I have finally found my niche in this campus I call home.

Upon graduation, I plan to call New York City my new home. With busy streets, a high population and a number of activities to do, NYC has always appealed to me. When I was able to visit for the first time in October 2015, my high expectations of the city came to life as I felt myself fall in love with the lights, architecture and chaos. Anytime I feel myself slacking in school, I picture myself in three years living my dreams, and work harder.

I was born and raised in Michigan, about twenty minutes south of Detroit where every party I went to, we sang that line in “Don’t Stop Believing”to the top of our lungs. Recently, my mom has accepted a job transfer that moves us down to Boynton Beach, FL. I am so excited to spend my summer and winter breaks down there as a temporary home, because despite my love for the city, I am truly a beach bum at heart.

I believe home is where the heart is, whether it’s at college, in the city or on the beach. Where do you call home?